Friday, October 2, 2009

It's Solid Gold, Betch...Relax!

Remember that web cam you got your grandma last Christmas?  Well, bitch has been busy bustin' some moves to her favorite naughty 80's tunes and posting that dance fuckery all over the interweb!  Wearing her finest Claire's Boutique jewels and the latest fashions from Jessica Simpson's Forever 21 line, meemaw is looking like she inherited the dance moves of Brit Brit if she were having an epileptic fit...gotta love it!

My prediction: she will be the new video vixen of 2010, Tawny Kitaen aint got nothin' on this hot flash diva!  I only hope she's doubled up on the Os-Cal otherwise you may be named in the law suit resulting from her broken hip and the viral interweb humiliation that will ensue when she goes down during her Samantha Fox "Naughty Girls (Need Love Too)" finale!


  1. Is she doing this in an art museum? Odd.

  2. Not sure, but she has many of these video's to different songs...too funny!

  3. Looks like she tried to be a dancer in some past life, and failed. lol