Thursday, March 18, 2010

And...the return of Boy George...?

Well, apparently this slipped out there into cyberspace in late Jan. without catching my attention til now.  Official release however is slated for March 22nd.

A BRAND NEW track from none other than the once and future queen & former Culture Club frontranny frontman Boy George!  Fresh (ok, it's been nearly a year) from the assault and false imprisonment of a male escort which landed the Boy in the clink for 4 months, George is finally back with a new single.  Titled "Amazing Grace" this is one of the few solo works to get released in the 2000's aside from some very limited edition singles under various pseudonyms such as "The Twin"

I'm loving the visuals, if not the song, and think George looks great as a floating head ala Jambi!

One does wonder though if part of his deal w/ the male escort he roughed up was to include the guy in his next video....hmmmmm???

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