Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The return of RTB....

I just really need to vent about some shit and I don't think Facebook is the place...not that it matters much as either way it's sure to be ignored, so I'm looking at this as more of a journal entry than anything else.

Firstly, why the fuck do people send "friend" requests on Facebook when they have no intention of EVER communicating with you!??  I have accepted several requests in good faith thinking these people have a genuine interest in catching up and or keeping up to date on the goings on (or lack there of) in my life...and not once have they sent a message, commented on any post or responded to comments I've made on theirs....I just don't get it.  I'm not into simply boosting my "friends" numbers for the hell of it....perhaps I'm looking at this whole social networking thing in the wrong way and need to play along, adding everyone I've ever gone to school with from kindergarten through high school & everyone I ever worked with or dated and all their friends too!

I guess I just have a very out of date, old school definition of "friend" that needs to be reevaluated.....and that to me is a sad, sad thing.

I am indeed a rock...


  1. at least i managed to contain my beer fueled rant to an innocuous forum instead of going off on people directly on fb where i would be unable to hit "delete" .....i'm sure there's more to come.

  2. Nice to see you writing on your blog again Christopher!

  3. nice to see you reading my blog again ;)