Thursday, March 18, 2010

Highly Anticipated: Brendan Perry "Ark"

Perhaps none will be as excited as I am or awaiting this album as with as much anticipation, but I HAD to share this nonetheless.

Former Dead Can Dance member Brendan Perry ~perhaps my favorite male vocalist of all time~ is finally set to release his first solo album in over a decade!  His first solo effort "Eye of the Hunter" from 1999 remains one of my favorite albums.  I have been awaiting the release of "Ark" for well over a year since first learning of it's impending release via Brendan's myspace page.  It's release was already delayed at least once due to Brendan's perfectionism but has been promised for an "early 2010" release date which I believe must be true as he has already begun touring in Europe.  Here is a brief documentary about the new album and the exciting new direction Brendan is taking...I cannot wait!!

Listen to "Winter Sun" from Ark.


  1. you can not imagine how not alnoe with this desire to have the new album you have been!

  2. Perry's "Eye Of The Hunter" took me by surprise and hooked me in. So hooked in, that I listened to the album for a dedicated 3 years. I wasn't pulling a Brian Wilson ala "Be My Baby" but the lp had a significant effect and was oh so timely too. My late mother was struck by a particular lyric that evades me at the moment. It ends with "... when this shadow play comes to a close". She wrote it in her book of personal poems and found comfort in the genuine faith of the lyric as she lay terminally ill. Here's to Brendan and his new album.