Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Music: New Releases & Updates

This just in & I'm really excited because it MUST mean we are closer to actually getting our hands on it! The NEW LCD Soundsystem album finally has a name and cover art:
It's great news but as yet there's nothing more on an official release date for "This Is Happening", rest assured I'll keep you posted as this is one I'm really looking forward to!

Black Francis (aka: Frank Black of the seminal 90's alternative rock band the Pixies)drops a new album today titled "Nonstoperotik". Recorded last year in NYC, L.A. & London (apparently the London studio was haunted) features 10 new, supposedly sexually charged songs, plus a cover of the Flying Burrito Brothers’ “Wheels” thrown in to boot. (Listen to "Six Legged Man" HERE)

Sup Pop Records Dum Dum Girls, formed in late 2008 drop a great album called "I Will Be" with a sound like 60's pop meets post punk girl group...and with songs like "Jail la la" and "Bhang Bhang I'm a Burnout", I had to take notice

I know this is way jumping the gun, but I don't care....one of my favorite bands of the last decade, Keane, are releasing a new 8 track EP titled "Night Train"  Although it's not slated for release until May 11th, I had to mention it as I'm really looking forward to this as much as the LCD Soundsystem!  Get your first listen to the track "Clear Skies" HERE.
UPDATE: Keane JUST released the first video from Night Train called "Stop For A Minute" feat. K'naan here it is:

Lastly, MGMT come back with a follow up to their awesome 2008 debut "Oracular Spectacular"  titled "Congratulations".  Their sophomore disc promises to be a new direction, but a good one, for the band...Soulful and complex, "Congratulations" is a surprising and delightful quantum step forward in MGMT's ongoing pop revolution.  Officially dropped on April 13, the band has acknowledged it's pre-release leak onto the internet.

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