Thursday, March 18, 2010

WTF!?: Nirvana gets Rick Rolled

While mining the interweb for the latest in all things music I came across this fucking tragedy of a Mashup...."Never Gonna Give Your Teen Spirit UP" and I cry "FAIL"! What meth-head scumbag would even dream of defiling Nirvana in such a way? Now, I'm all for a good mashup, in fact I usually feature one (like this weeks "Dance is The Drug" by David Bowie/Roxy Music) and I'm all for using two artists or songs you might never have thought should or could work together...but the secret is IT'S GOTTA WORK, and this for me doesn't come close! Not to mention it's been used to death in the mashup scene and maybe some songs/artists should just be left alone unless you're really going to blow us away. Anyway, here it is for your listening displeasure!

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