Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Your OMG!! WTF!?? Of The Week: Big Mouth Strikes Again

Today I bring you this WTF clip from "Pilipinas Got Talent", the same basic premise as "America's Got Talent".  Well, this is just about the most fucked up thing I have ever seen!  The show begins and out comes B.M. (apparently short for Big Mouth~and you'll see why @ the 1:40 mark!~ but I guess no one gave girlfriend the memo that it's short for shit...oh well) who is a drag performer of sorts I guess or really likes wearing Liberace cast offs, it's really anyone's guess.

Well, then B.M. starts in on her (?) rendition of "Banal Na Aso" and then bitch gets possessed by the demon spirit of Mr. Ed...you have to hear this shit to believe it! Ok, this is freaking my shit out! I can't stop watching but I'm scared as hell and think I've lost a piece of my soul to the horse demon...somebody HELP!


  1. Freak of the week! Game set and Match!

  2. I think bitch gets my vote for freak of all time! I am seriously needing to be exorcised after watching this so many times!