Monday, March 29, 2010

Retro Remix of the Week: Chris & Cosey

The Retro Remix this week (listen on the left) is an old favorite of mine from electronic pioneers Chris & Cosey (formerly of Throbbing Gristle).  "October (Love Song)" near as I can find, was originally released somewhere between 1982-1983 although I know it from their 1986 EP "Take 5" and while there are a total of 4 versions, this is the one I'm most familiar with (the 12" or Long Vocal Mix) the others are "Short Vocal Mix", "Instrumental" and "Dance Mix"

This was probably one of the first tracks of theirs I heard and instantly fell in love with probably ended up on every mix tape I ever made for someone I had a crush on from the late 80's through the mid 90's.  It's a very beautiful song and certainly the closest thing to pop the band ever did.  I still love it...hope you enjoy it too! Here's the first track I ever heard from C & C thanks to my friend Sarah : "Manic Melody (Hairy Beary)"  Can you say acid trip?!

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing this!
    I ∞♥ C&C!