Friday, March 26, 2010

This Week In Fashion: Xanadon't!

The outfit is a little skimpy, but shim's legs ARE fierce!  The accessories are working ok ~I'm always partial to oversized sunglasses & the chunky bangles are a nice juxtaposition~ but the turban is SO 1950's and the white clutch...really?  And honestly, I'm hating the shoe color too, but I must say what really kills the look is the Amish beard...therefore I declare this a fashion Xanadon't! (it's my new word, dig it?)
 (pic via Poorly Dressed)


  1. Her legs ARE fierce! I wish my thighs looked that great! I kinda dig the turban...but you are absolutely right about the beard! Love the word Xanadont!

  2. yay! it is THE word for 2010, so use it often! ;)

  3. Oh this photo cracks me up. Yah, the legs are fabulous, and the bangles, but the turban and the beard...Reminds me of the first time I saw a cross-dresser; my whole family was on vacation in Key West, and my little brother asked my dad why that man was wearing a skirt and pumps...I thought Dad was going to choke. Great memory. (-;