Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A Good RTB~ Day: Facebook Fans

Well, this morning I decided to create a Facebook Fan Pg. for Rolling The Ball~ and sent out requests to most all on my "Friends" list (if you're reading this now that probably means you were one of them ;)

Much to my surprise and delight I have, in one day on Facebook, gotten nearly double the "Fans" than actual blog "followers" since last September. This has given me renewed hope that perhaps I can continue writing and sharing with people and that, in fact, it may actually be read!

So, here's hoping (fingers crossed!) that it's not a fluke, that people go beyond clicking a button on a social networking site simply because it's so easy, and actually value my point of view, my humor and the time spent to share it with whoever so chooses to take the time to visit and read the blog.

I know a lot of what I post tends to be heavy on the music side...either video's, new release info, news, etc... but music is my greatest passion in life aside from my children and nothing brings me greater joy than sharing a new discovery I've made or exposing people to what I think is great music.

I would love to get more feedback, comments, etc... so i can better gauge what works, what doesn't, what people find interesting, informative, humorous or of value, so PLEASE, if you like something (or don't), if you agree with a point of view or wish to share your own, take a few moments and leave a comment, send an email or post on the Rolling The Ball~ discussion board of the Facebook Fan Page!

Also, please use the newly added share feature to share posts you like to your Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc & pass along the blog & or Facebook Page to your friends!

Thanks to those of you who joined as fans & made my day!

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