Sunday, March 21, 2010

This Week in Holy Crimes: Via Joe.My.God

Ok, I need to preface this by saying that while this IS the latest "This Week in Holy Crimes" posting from JMG blogger Joe Jervis, it is in fact from March while it's not the MOST up to date I'd be remiss if I failed to post.  Rest assured as soon as there's a new one I will post it here.

Over the last seven days...

Pennsylvania: Pastor Thomas Croyle charged with embezzling $83K from church charity.

Florida: Youth Pastor Eric Spandorf busted for selling child pornography.

Alabama: Pastor William Curtin busted in prostitution sting.

Nebraska: Youth Pastor Mark Hild arrested for sexual assault on 11 year-old girl.

Colorado: Pastor Loren Ankarlo arrested in $750K securities fraud scheme.

New York: Rabbi Baruch Lebovits begins trial on multiple charges of child molestation.

Florida: Youth Pastor Joel Price confesses to possession of massive child porn collection.

Spain: Father Samuel Martin busted for prostituting himself to "women and couples."

Texas: Pastor Hezekiah Stallworth accused by two more victims after arrest for molesting 7 year-old girl.

California: Pastor Anthony Garduno pleads guilty to four felony counts of meth dealing.

This Week's Winner-
Germany: Echoes of Ireland. A widening child molestation scandal at several Catholic schools now includes a boys choir once headed by Pope Ratzinger's brother, Georg. More than 170 alumni from the schools have charged that they were molested by priests and school employees. The Vatican says they are sending an investigator to "look into" the situation.


  1. Why don't we make the clergy responsible for operating the full body scanners at airports?

    After all, it would avoid embarrassing incidents like this one, right?

  2. how about we make the clergy responsible for fucking castrating each other... having what amounts to x-ray vision was bound to create some perv issues sooner or later...duh!