Thursday, April 29, 2010

Am I A Big Loser? : Spring Weight Loss Challenge From RTB~

Ok fellow fatty's, spring has sprung and the weather is beautiful and I'm dying to fit into my 33w shorts come June!  So I am challenging myself to lose a minimum of 17lbs. in the next 6 weeks....and you're all invited to take the journey with me!  I have weighed myself today prior to eating anything and w/out clothing (I know, not a visual you wanted, but hey it had to be done) so I could get an accurate reading and stop fudging the numbers based on what I THOUGHT my clothes weighed.

I am starting this challenge at a current weight of 197lbs.  which to be honest I'm not horribly broken up about as a starting point because at least I'm under the 200 mark....but I'm determined to get to 180lbs. or lower dammit!

I know I'll never have a Calvin Klein underwear body or 6 pack abs but I at least want a flat(ish) stomach and to avoid needing to shop for a training bra before my daughter does!

I will be putting fresh batteries in my pedometer and tracking my mileage and weighing myself e/o day and giving weekly progress reports on the blog.  Who's with me!!??

Pix of my flabby ass body (if you dare) after the jump...blech!  But I wanted a visual record to accompany my progress...

UPDATE:  I must tell you having the motivation is KEY and for me that comes in the form of a great mix of I think having the right tunes is imperative for success and to that end I will be posting a weekly "must have" song for your walking mix!  This week's song comes to you from a  1987 one off collaboration of 4ad artists A.R. Kane & Colourbox calling themselves MARRS, the song, "Pump Up The Volume", kicks major ass & is considered the first UK number one to contain samples from other was nominated for a Grammy in 1989.  Enjoy after the jump! (I have included the original video and below that is an Mp3 player on which the far right side is an arrow pointing down so you can download the track & add to your iPod or burn to cd!  I will attempt to do this w/ each song so you can listen to what I am to stay motivated!)
Here's me Day 1 of my challenge, weighing in @ 197lbs.


  1. I love it! Although I still think you look great! I am inspired by your inspiration! I will get my fat A$$ to the gym in support of you AND not to mention the fact that if and when I get into law school this fall I need to look gooooood! :) I will not be revealing my weight! You are a braver person than I!

  2. oh c'mon, we're all friends here! maybe putting it out there will further serve to motivate you! thanks for joining me in any case! let's at least keep track of pounds lost so at the end of this i can post a collective weight loss for all who join in !

  3. i am keeping a daily journal of miles walked/calories burned and weight e/o day which i will post every thursday on the blog

  4. SOUNDS GREAT~who's gona' watch Kaya while I do this? I need one of those cool strolers!