Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Brand New Video: Penguin Prison "Something I'm Not"

Super excited about bringing you this first, new & just released today video from last weeks "one's to watch", Penguin Prison!  As you may (or may not if you're not paying attention to the oft changed mp3's on the left of the blog) remember, I featured a couple great songs by this guy (Chris Glover) whose remixer/solo artist moniker is the enigmatic "Penguin Prison".

He's had many other forays into the music biz but none have generated the buzz he's getting for both his current remixes (for the likes of Marina and the Diamonds & Ellie Goulding) and his solo efforts, which up to now include only a handful of singles.  So here's the brand new vid for his latest single called "Something I'm Not", Created by Roman Rappak. The video was taken from footage of skype conversations between Roman and Chris Glover (aka Penguin Prison). Enjoy!


  1. Thanks for posting this I really like it! I'm going to download this!

  2. excellent! his remixes (of his own stuff) are killer too! i think there's 4 tracks total + remix versions (i found them on youtube for which i have software to download & convert to mp3)