Sunday, April 18, 2010

This Week in Holy Crimes: Via Joe.My.God

This Week In Holy Crimes

Over the last seven days...

Kentucky: Pastor Prince Wilbert Woolfolk sentenced to 20 years for raping a teenage girl.

Virginia: Presbyterian missionary Eun Tae Lee charged with embezzling $700K from his church.

Massachusetts: Father William Ventura busted in Craigslist prostitution sting.

New York: Rabbi Baruch Lebovits sentenced to 10-32 years in prison for molesting teenage boy.

Colorado: Father Paul Montez accused of stalking teenage boy and plying him with gifts and trips.

New York: Pastor
Humberto Cruz sentenced to 15 years for molesting three boys.

Texas: Pastor Curtis Otha Grant charged with 14 felony counts of molesting girls.

Colorado: Pastor James Smoker convicted of physically abusing a mentally-challenged adult in his care.

New Jersey: Accomplices of Rabbi
Ben Haim plead guilty of multimillion dollar money laundering scheme involving counterfeit luxury handbags. Haim is expected to plead guilty as well.

Arizona: Father Dale Fushek pleads guilty of sexual assault on teenage boy. Fushek was accused of molesting seven boys, but in return for one guilty plea, the other charges were dropped.

New York: Father James McDevitt, charged with 20 counts of child molestation, is being sued by four of his alleged victims.

This Week's Winner-
The Pope has hired a Beverly Hills lawyer to defend the Vatican against charges that it enabled child molestations by shielding accused priests. Jeffrey Lena will appear before the Supreme Court to argue that it has no jurisdiction to try the Vatican for transferring a known molester priest from Ireland to Oregon. Lena has numerous similar cases pending in lower courts around the country.
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  1. I heard the Pope cried during his apology - just like Gov. Sanford and Tiger Woods!

  2. psh....i don't buy into photo op tears.... those who do deserve to get the smackdown!

  3. like my girl RiRi sings, you're just SORRY you got caught!

  4. exactly! now i wonder where fonda's comment went....funny! second thoughts about giving away the idea...well i've got a few up my sleeve so no worries ;)

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