Friday, April 16, 2010

A "What The F**k Was I Thinking??!" Moment last night I was oot & aboot and had a wee bit of vodka and for some brilliant reason thought I'd swing by an ex's (unannounced drop by).  Let's just say that wasn't the best idea I've ever had!  I knocked on the door and they opened.... I said something fucktardish like "it's your worst nightmare"  Well, joke's on me because it WAS one of mine and probably true for them....the ex had "company" already and it was apparent they weren't watching the news or trading tuna casserole recipes(wink, wink)

Jesus, did I feel like a complete fucking fool! Can you say AWKWARD!?  I just don't understand why in the world when you have a fucking peep hole and can see who the hell is knocking BEFORE you answer you would choose @ this moment to answer for an ex when you're fixin' to get you some with a trick!

  I'm hoping I can just pass it off as stopping by to get something I thought I had left there after our break up last July.


  1. stop beating yourself up......that's what I'm here for! Really, I bet I can out fucktard you any damn day.

  2. my mother, god rest her soul, told me to NEVER show up anywhere unannounced. Obviously she was correct! Looking forward to the FUCKTARD Olympics!