Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Business Sign FAIL!

While driving through Traverse City yesterday I spotted a sign for a car repair place (possibly Jiffy Lube Or Midas or something, can't really remember) and as we were driving I couldn't really snap a pic, but it read:

"$10 Off Tranny Service"
Hmmmm....apparently they haven't a clue, but I certainly got a good laugh at their stupidity.


  1. That shit needs to marketed in Tran Francisco!
    Very funny.....Thanks for the laugh on a rainy day

  2. now that is just too too hilarious!!!

    tranny honey - hhhmmmmm, spreads like butter.

    thanks for sharing and instilling a humorous thought, and image, in my warped brain!!!

  3. i'm all too happy to oblige to your twisted sense of humor ;)