Thursday, September 17, 2009

Cautiously optimistic: LCC Orientation

So, I just got back from a 2 hr. course orientation @ LCC for Acute/Long Term Care CNA.  The issue of parking/detours was not as bad as I had expected and I arrived 20 min. early and found a spot in the Grand Ave. lot no problem.  Even better was the fact that right outside the parking lot was the building where I will be attending, win!

I arrived in plenty of time to the appropriate floor/classroom (1st one there!)  Apparently there had been some issue w/ getting the info to registered students for the course that there was orientation today and only about 10 of the 25 registered showed up (good news for me I hope!).

There was one other woman who attended who was also not registered, but the prof. stated whoever had contacted her first would get any available seat in the course and stated that was ME...woo hoo!

We covered a lot of information including pre req's, text books, scrub and footwear requirements (navy blue scrubs and *horrors!* white shoes)  I also found out that they had not stated correctly the TB test requirement and I will need to go take a second 2 step TB test, which is just more of an inconvenient annoyance than any real big deal.

The other pre req's include passing a blood born pathogens test and HIPAA/OSHA tests as well, all of which are available free of charge online, phew!

All in all I think it went well, and I have renewed hope that I will in fact get a spot this term.  I'll keep ya posted!
Me, ready for orientation @ LCC


  1. Hope the luck continues to go your way. Keep at it!