Thursday, September 17, 2009

Take a deep breath...

Today begins my long awaited foray into academia and I'm beginning to freak out!  I checked on the class web site (as I have several times a day, every day, for weeks now) and thought I saw a spot had finally opened up.  I made a mad dash to the Banner site for LCC students to finally register for the course....well, I hit a snag, called the Nursing Dept. and found I had not only read the information wrong, but that the class capacity had in fact been dropped from 25 to 24 with actual students registered remaining at 25.  This means not only can I not register today, but that I now need a minimum of TWO people to drop before I can register....GRRRR!!

I was however advised again to show up to orientation today (assuming I can navigate all the fucking detours that seem to be plaguing the ENTIRE city of Lansing) and also show up (unregistered) to the first day(s) of class in hopes someone will drop and my attendance will bode well with the course professor.

So, with paper bag in hand (for hyperventilating purposes), I will be on my way shortly to begin a new phase of my life in hopes of finding some semblance of a career and to make a positive change in moving forward after being stuck for such a long time.  Wish me luck!


  1. I am so excited for you and this new adventure! Believe me, when I started back to school I never thought I could do it and here I am one semester away from being done. If I can do it, well, you can too! I know that statement is Cliche' but it's true! Keep on posting your adventures in Academia and I will keep reading them! :)