Thursday, September 17, 2009

Showing my age or becoming more conservative?

Now, if you know me, you'll know I've been a Madge fan since the early 80's (OMG!  over 25 yrs!) and I have always applauded her creativity, media manipulation and boundary pushing, in your face sexuality at every stage of her career...she simply exudes sex from every pore.  I haven't always loved everything she's done, but you could say I've pretty much been "in her corner", defending her choices and remaining true.

Well, the time has finally come when I must disagree and strongly disapprove of something Madonna has done.  I see no plausible excuse for this decision in bad taste!  As a father of an impressionable young girl I find this highly offensive:

Up until Lourdes' cameo (all tarted up in Mama Madge's "Like a Virgin" look, Boy Toy belt included) I rather liked this second official video for her new single "Celebration"  But I must say I am both shocked and dismayed at her decision to have her 12 y/o daughter paraded around for the world to see in arguably one of her "sluttier" looks.....It pains me to say it, but SHAME ON YOU MADONNA!!  What do you think?  Would you feel differently if you had a young daughter?  Comment & let me know your thoughts!


  1. I must say darling, either it is because you are dad, your daughter is younger or you ahve gone conservative, I just think she wants to be like her Mama Madge- good and bad!

    Now my Iz wants to be nothing lik em so go figure, I am just not as cool :)

  2. hmmmm, don't THINK i've gotten conservative (eeeek!!) but one has to draw the line somewhere, right? I mean, a "Boy Toy" belt on a 12 y/o?? I just don't think it's appropriate! she could have been given any number of hundreds of looks i just think this is the wrong one. thanks for your thoughts!

  3. Really? I just watched this vid for the first time now. First, the song sucks! Second, MEH! I don't think it's that bad with the little one dressed as Mom. She's going to do it anyhow. May as well get it over with now. She knows her mom is a slut. lol