Monday, September 28, 2009

This Week In Holy Crimes [Via Joe.My.God]

Over the last seven days...

South Carolina: Pastor John David Helmuth busted in internet sting for trying to meet what he thought was a 13 year-old girl for sex.

Connecticut: Rev. Iura Godenciuc charged with defrauding school district of $76K.

New York: Father William Blasingame pleads guilty to stealing $86K from his diocese for plastic surgery and botox. Linked photo proves he did not spend wisely.

Massachusetts: Rabbi Stanley Zusia Levitt charged with sexually assaulting two pre-teen boys.

Illinois: Father Fred Lenczycki, the first Catholic priest ever declared "sexually violent," has been released from prison after only five years after confessing to sexually assaulting over 30 boys.

Pennsylvania: Rev. Vincent Navorro Meekin charged with embezzling funds donated to build his church a new roof.

Arizona: Father Dale Fushek to have five separate trials for sexual crimes against minors. Bonus: Fuskek is the founder of Teen Life Ministries.

Illinois: Father Daniel McCormick may be indefinitely confined under the state's Sexually Violent Persons Act. McCormick is due for release after confessing to molesting five boys ages 8-12, but the state fears he will reoffend.

North Carolina: Pastor Robert Reaves has fired his attorneys and wants to defend himself in the 2008 stabbing murder of a woman who was seeing a man Reaves was reportedly interested in. Reaves has previous convictions for sexually abusing boys.

New Jersey: Rev. John Harris Jr. charged with sexually harassing a church employee who says she was fired for refusing his advances.

North Carolina: Pastor Brian Andrew Klein sued by parishioner who claims he coerced her into a sexual relationship when she was a minor.

Israel: Rabbi Avichai Zehavi under house arrest after four families come forward with allegations of sexual abuse of minors.

New York: Angelo Serrano, Director of Religious Education at St. Lucy - St. Patrick Roman Catholic Church, charged with molesting 10 year-old boy. Cops say there may up to 17 other victims.

This Week's Winner -
Oklahoma: Pastor Ted Haggard tells local newspaper that he is now "completely free of homosexual compulsions." Haggard and his wife have been holding weekly "meetings" with fellow Christians in his Colorado Springs home. Haggard: "As a church, we're God's primary hand to help people with sin problems, whether it be gluttony, pride, hate, high-mindedness, selfishness, immorality (such as) fantasizing, porn, masturbation, homosexuality, bisexuality."

[Via Joe.My.God]

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