Monday, September 21, 2009

Emmys Fashion: WTF was she thinking!!??

B Soap actress Victoria Rowell (Drucilla Barber on Young & The Restless) must have snorted some of the bad shit before she got dressed in this presidential tablecloth fuckery for last nights Emmys. First of all, the election is over, he won!  Second, stop shopping for red carpet fabrics at your local Wal-Mart super center discount bin....this bitch needs a fashion intervention STAT!

Mr. Blackwell is surely spinning in his grave!


  1. It's guaranteed to get her talked about, and as they say any publicity is good publicity. Besides, if it was Bill it would be the back of his head that would be showing, and that really wouldn't do.

  2. while i see your point, and yes she WILL be talked about, trust me, no celeb wants on the worst dressed list....and this shit will have her topping it for sure!

  3. I am pretty sure she's out of work these days, anyway. They killed off Dru a while back.

    I think this was the only way that she was going to get her picture anywhere.

    Now let me preface these next thoughts by saying I am a huge supporter of the president. I worked my ass off last year to get him elected. I was at Invesco Field in Denver for his acceptance speech and cried my eyes out I was so inspired.


    I am so ready for us to move past the racial thing. Yes, you are black, yes, the president is black. But holy crap do you have to remind us every two minutes?

    I'm so tired of people saying things like "I'm a proud black man" WTF? If I went around saying I was a proud white woman I'd get attacked from here to Sunday as being racist. We won't evolve as a society until we move past this kind of shit. Stop labeling!!

    AND (and here is the point in my rant that I hope you know that this is TOTALLY not a pointed comment because you don't do this!!!)

    It isn't just racist. It can be sexual identity based as well, and religious. When a person finds themselves saying that sort of thing he should just think about the other side of the coin.

    Mwwwah. Still love me?

  4. i see your point, and no i don't go around saying i'm a proud anything (except father)and i'm sure i still love you, but with people using these alias names, i have no idea who anyone is! :)

  5. I think the argument, "if I went around saying I'm a proud "white" person" will get someone attacked, is inaccurate. You can be proud of yourself and it doesn't matter to other people unless they are a little insecure (I'm generalizing here not pointing fingers).

    I think it's okay to be proud of having an African American president! I also don't think there should be a time limit on how long that is! Since we have never had one!!! It IS a big deal and I don't think people should try and take that joy and pride away. The reason people of color, women, and other minorities are expressing their pride in being able to finally identify with a president/leader is because they have been marginalized and in fact,are still being marginalized.

    I feel the same way about a Latina finally being in the Supreme Court and having a woman Speaker of the House. Now if Gay Marriage would just get passed through I would be through the roof with joy.

    Sorry to preach a little, but it is time that we learn to respect each other's rights to their own pride and joy in themselves, their race, their sexual orientation, and move the prejudice aside.

  6. ...BUT I do think that dress is ugly!!!! :)

  7. well said. and that is my hope for and a large purpose of the comments: discussion, exchange of ideas and the way you closed you post too! :)

  8. Unfortunately there's still a long way to go.

    Here's a link to a video of an Australian show called Media Watch. Towards the end of the show is a segment featuring the controversial buffoon Sam Newman on The Footy Show.

    I can understand why people still feel it necessary to proclaim their pride.