Friday, September 25, 2009

Memory lane: Steve's visit

So an old friend from wayyyyyyyyyyy back in the day came into town from Chicago and we decided to take a trip through East Lansing and see what had changed, what remained the same and in some cases what needed to go but was still around for some reason.  So after a quick lunch at BK we drove into town and walked around by all the places we used to hang in the 80's.  Here are a few pix:

Pinball Pete's, cannot believe this place is still open!  It's just not the same though, too clean & quiet and sadly the old photo booth is gone :(
Steve & I in my back yard (I'm holding Gromit aka Pig)


  1. The pictures turned out great. I'm much to fat though. Got a call from my mother, but it didnt come through since i was out of service...Wylie escaped and ran away. She and the neighbors were looking for him all over and I found him when i turned onto her road wandering in the dark. That little shit almost got run over. I was freaking out, as you can imagine. All is well though. So glad I got to spend time with you today.

  2. too! too! Have you seen the pet peeves post?

  3. hahaha! me too, glad you found wylie!

  4. wish I could have been there. Some one else took pics there recently- weird the clean look huh?
    Hope you guys can come by today- may be rainy and there is very loud hammerring in my house!
    I am in Lansing 1st half the day so catch me at some point! Want to see you both!

    Christopher come hang out anytime!
    love, Julie

  5. Crappy though they were, the 10c soda was always a favourite.

  6. it's now $1.50 for a soda out of a vending machine...fucking rip off!