Monday, September 21, 2009

This Week In Holy Crimes...(via Joe.My.God)

Over the last seven days...

California: Pastor Jessica Banks sentenced to life in prison for physically and sexually abusing her five adopted daughters.

Illinois: Jung Hee Chang charged with trespassing for refusing the leave the home of a woman who did not want her soul prayed for.

Ohio: Pastor Dale Griffin charged with six counts of raping a parishioner.

California: Pastor Lonnie McGowan charged with defrauding an 86 year-old parishioner of over $500K.

Maryland: Rabbi Jay Wagner charged with embezzling funds from the Orthodox school where he is vice principal.

Florida: Pastor Ronnie McGill, who is serving a 20 year sentence for real estate fraud, re-offended from behind bars by using the phone to attempt to con someone out of $40K for a new church.

Arizona: Youth Pastor Joshua O'Bannion confesses to sex with 14 year-old female congregant.

North Carolina: Pastor James William Rupard arrested for selling fake insurance policies. Thirty years ago Rupard was convicted of murdering his grandparents.

Connecticut: Convicted child molester Father Paul Stanley has assembled over 100 scientists and psychologists to discount the validity of repressed memory syndrome, which was used by witnesses against him.

Nova Scotia: Seventy men will share a $13M class action settlement for sexual abuse by Roman Catholic priests, providing a court certifies the offer made by the church. Three priests have been convicted in the case.

Florida: Father David Dueppen slapped with restraining order by stripper who claims he fathered her baby. She claims he threatened to kill her and her baby if she persisted in her demand for a DNA paternity test.

This Week's Winner--
Missouri: Father Gerald Howard has been accused of child molestation by three more men after word got out that Howard had changed his name after confessing to the same crime in 1982. Howard says that Catholic Church authorities had told him to change his name after the conviction, then transferred him from New Jersey to Missouri under the new name. News of Howard's former name came out earlier this summer when Mark McAllister, now 39, received a $600K settlement from the church. McAllister says that Howard kept up his sexual relationship with him even after pleading guilty to molesting him.

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