Tuesday, September 29, 2009

LCC Update: Holy Crap, Learnin' Is $pendy!

Wow!  I just crunched the numbers for the total cost of my course and the supplies I need for it vs. the financial aid money I'll be getting.  Silly me had delusions of a new laptop or maybe a weekend trip to Chicago, perhaps dinner out or a great new pair of shoes....this was a serious reality check!

The great news is that I qualify for the highest amount for the Pell Grant, the bad news is I thought I got the whole thing at once.  Apparently they split your "award" between 2 terms....bastards, don't they know I NEED want the new Donald J. Pliner boots!  Anyway....I floated, nay, crashed back to reality and figured the smart/responsible thing to do was to get all my supplies ($239), get my car insured, new tires and tabs through 2010 ($600), save for the CNA exam ($200) and, oh yeah, then there's the course fee ($336) and finally tuition ($1231)

Grand Total................$2270 *YIKES!*

My "award" total for this term..............$2675

So, not much left for "living expenses" after all is said and done.  I am quite grateful and lucky to have gotten the Pell Grant money, it could certainly be a lot worse and I can definitely make it work, it's just going to be a little harder than anticipated.


  1. That is encouraging news. And the best part is that I won't even have to use my Leatherman to help you with selling that kidney - you'll be in just the right spot with the right people for that. Just don't lose track of how many you sell.

  2. I've been experiencing the same cost thing with school and now that I am looking at law school it's even scarier! BUT...just hang in there! It will be a couple years of really being broke and I mean REALLY BEING BROKE! I can't believe how broke I've been over the last two years!!! BUT after it's all over it will be SHOES FOR EVERYONE! Because your earning potential will be much HIGHER! Yay! I keep myself going just spending the money that I will earn as an attorney in my mind and although it's not as good as actually having money...it will do for now!

  3. yes, i am holding on to the promise of higher earning potential...all the while perfecting the art of virtual window shopping! :)