Tuesday, September 15, 2009

File under: You're only sorry you got caught!

Now c'mon!  I just don't believe this shit.  Kanye is a grown ass man, he should be able to control his urges and like most celebrity fucks, take his grumbles to the tabloids or his Twitter page!  This is career damage control, pure and simple....I'm shedding no tears for you, Kanye.  You fucked up and in a big way, now deal!
The original video I posted was removed from youtube by NBC, here's the gist though.


  1. I hate to say it, but I do feel sorry for Kanye. I know people are upset with his behavior, but having lost my Mother not too long ago, my heart goes out to him. I know that the year my mom passed I did and said some things I'm not too proud of and my friends were kind enough to forgive me and my behavior. Call me a softy but that's how I feel.

  2. Well, firstly, let me extend my belated condolences. I had no idea and am sorry for your loss. Second, I respect your opinions, I welcome them here and I'm glad you share. Perhaps I'm not qualified, as my mother is still alive, but it seems to me after almost 2 yrs. that that reason would wear a little thin, at least for me. Especially when it was at the expense of someone else's feelings and moment in the spotlight. He has no class or decorum and and ego the size of texas. Just check out my latest post on him if you thought the Mtv debacle was a fluke, this man has a long history of foot in mouth disease!