Wednesday, September 23, 2009

RTB Blog Post #50: Pet Peeves (aka Shit that drives me crazy!)

Ok, so I was sitting here wondering what I would post this morning as my 50th post on the blog.  Well, it didn't take too long to decide after watching a video clip from the Dalai Lama's visit to Memphis got me worked up about one of my big pet peeves!  So I decided to post some of the things that get my blood boiling....

1) This stupid ass "fist bumping" thing!  WTF?  Shake my fucking hand or don't. Period.  I think this is just the stupidest thing ever!  I just don't get it, and here is a perfect example of just how fucking retarded this shit is!
  Can you even believe this tool?!! "fist bumping' -even the name is ridiculous!- his Holiness the Dalai Lama!!  WHAT a douche!

2) Poking me on Facebook!  Again, WTF!??  If you're on FB and wish to initiate contact, great!  I mean, that's what it's for, right?  Quick & easy, you say "hi" or respond to a post I've made, great!  What is with the poking?  I just simply DO NOT get it!  Is it so difficult to expend the energy to type the word "HI"?  Stop poking me!

3) People who do not follow through!  This one covers many aspects in life but the example that comes to mind (as it happens ALL the time) is saying you will call me or call me back.....and then you don't!  I understand shit comes up, you can't always plan on things going smoothly, I get it, but when you become a habitual offender it pisses me right the fuck off!  RUDENESS!!!!  If you cannot call me back at the time you specified that's fine (once in a while) just call as soon as you are able even if it's just to say "can't talk now, just needed to let you know" or whatever, I'm a big boy, I understand life happens.  This also goes to you assholes who constantly break plans!  Stop making plans if you know you are not EVER going to follow through!

4) People who are late all the time.  GET A FUCKING WATCH PEOPLE!!  Do you need to go back to the 3rd grade to learn how to tell time?  Seriously, this is one of the biggies!  It drives me absolutely bat shit crazy you people who think the world can just wait on your is not cool!  Here's a good way to remember for future reference if you ever make plans with me....a quote I got somewhere (let me know if you know where this came from, but I'm doubting if your ass is late all the time you'd be the one to tell me!)

"If you're early, you're on time.  If you're on time, you're late and if you're late DON"T EVEN BOTHER SHOWING UP!"  Got that?!  Seriously, treat your friends, acquaintances, family or colleagues with a little more respect and get there when the fuck you say you will!

5) People BLASTING (C)rap music in their cars!  You want to go deaf listening to talentless rappers "singing" about bitches, ho's, their rims and latest bling my fucking guest!  But keep that shit off the roads, out of the parking lot of the grocery store or the elementary school where I pick up my children!  We don't want to hear you sad ass excuse for "music" thump-thump-thumping enough to rattle my fillings loose, screaming obscenities and degrading women!  You're not impressing anyone.

6) People using "words" like "kewl", "sup", "wassup", "boi"...or any other fucktard way of twisting the spelling of a real word!  I HATE IT!!  It doesn't make you cool or hip, you sound like a douche!

7) Let me preface this by saying I'm not singling anyone out but....People who can't tell the difference between "to" and "too" or "your" and "you're" or "then" and "than" or "there" and "their" and "they're"....I know I'm not the most educated, and I get things wrong from time to time but I do give a damn about how I come across and make every effort to put my proverbial best foot forward!  If I don't know how to spell something, I LOOK IT UP!  I mean you're on the internet, the world at your finger tips....take a moment and get it right people!!!

Ugh!   I'm all worked up now!  LOL!   I guess I'll keep it to 7 for now although I could go on.....what pisses you off?  Do you agree with any on my list or have an opposing view?  (even though  you're wrong :)  go ahead and let me hear it!


  1. Just a quick thought - 'sup' and 'wassup' are entering the language through a linguistic process known as "clipping" - 'sup' coming from 'what'S UP'...I notice you have no problem using a word thats just about as old as 'sup' - "blog" - and blog is a clipped form of "weB LOG". :D

    as for 'kewl' and 'boi'...well, they are what they are. LOL

  2. yes, even i fall victim to the changing lexicon....perhaps i have no room to talk, but i can't help that certain words just tend to get my knickers in a twist :)

  3. "Fist bumping" has already undergone clipping - the proper term is "fisting" - get with the program.

  4. ummm, i think you you all need to do some gay lingo research before naming things like "tea bagging" and "fisting" bahahahaaaa!!!


  6. And what's with just seven? You haven't even tried!

    Here's a few that you missed:
    * hypocrites
    * self-important people
    * people who shove their moral/religious views in your face
    * people talking loudy on their mobiles in public
    * people smoking when you can't get away from it - like in queues
    * dawdlers - get off your a** and do it!
    * mumblers - if you have something to say, say it, if I ask you to repeat yourself it's because I want to hear what you are saying - take it as a compliment
    * people who don't stop talking - it exhausts me!
    * people who invade your space- I don't want your leg next to mine when you sit next to me, I don't want to smell your breath when your speaking to me, I don't want you hands waving in my face, I don't want to smell your hair or feel your body heat when you're standing (too) near me.
    * blogs that re-publish articles - I hate looking for something and finding the same aricle in site after site
    * Christmas music - don't get me started!
    * stores that do not have prices marked or displayed - you want me to ask? Okay, where's the door?
    * sales-people that interrupt, interject or follow you around a store - I can ask, I just won't about the price
    * loud ads on TV
    * telemarketers, of course
    * bad coffee
    * having to pay for water / no bubblers (drinking fountains)
    * the price of books in Australia

  7. Those terms are certainly not in the exclusive domain of the gay community! And yes, it was intentional.

  8. Reality tv "celebs" - WTF is that all about?

  9. perhaps not, but it makes us laugh!

  10. oh, and i agree with all of your peeves as well, take note, people!

  11. FBi warnings on videos.

    1) I live in Australia - get stuffed
    2) I bought it - get stuffed

  12. I'm only stopping because I have to get ready for work. Did I mention ironing?

  13. How about people that call you and:
    * immediately ask if they can put you on hold. Yes, your time is ever so more valuable than mine, and you are ever so more important than I.
    * ask who they are speaking to. No, you called me, who the hell are you? Anyway, if you don't know who I am then maybe you have the wrong f***ing number.

    Is Dave there? Ummm, no, sorry (why the hell do you apologise?) I think you might have the wrong number. Are you sure? Yeah ... just let me ask everyone in the stadium if there is a Dave here - because obviously I'm an idiot that doesn't know his own name.

  14. You guys are making me laugh!!!! I don't think i want to use the word "fisting" as a new word for fist bump, although I don't ever use the word fist bump on a regular basis either!

    I agree with the pet peeves, but you missed one...
    Going to any office on campus and having a receptionist ask you a thousand questions and then (without asking anyone) telling you that you are in the wrong office, she/he then sends you across campus to another office where another receptionists asks you several questions, and finding out you are at THE WRONG OFFICE!!!!!!
    Seriously I HATE THAT!