Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Those wacky, inventive Japanese have done it again!  This is for all you multitaskers & chronic masturbators with carpal tunnel!  Behold the SOM....available in both a men's and women's version for the adventurous wanker in your life (remember, Christmas is right around the corner!).

Now, I'm of course wondering if my Kitchen Aid attachments will work on this and I can whip up a batch of special brownies when it's served it's other purpose!

Here's the company's description for the men's version:

Men's SOM


Completely hands free : high performance onanie machine.
You can sit on the seat and enjoy as you like with hands free.
Any speed is available for up-down slide movement
(free level between 90 and 180 / min)
Adjustment free to the height of body (290-340mm)
Vibration of controller point (free level) adjustment free.
Up-down slide of 65mm width.

(The Lady's SOM is described as "A high performance piston machine"  hahahaha!)

Now, you're probably wondering "what's inside that thing?" Well, they cover that too!

"The material of hole and dildo is " septon " it is so safe that used in medical service.
It is new material that soft, strong, elastic and enjoy yourself with special gel and lotion for SOM. Inside of hole : innumerable pleats and protuberance excite you! It's soft touch gives you more luxurious pleasure the "real" does."

Wow, that sounds AWESOME! Unfortunately, I don't think it's proportions were made for the Western market so I'll just have to wait til this thing comes in adult sizes.

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