Saturday, September 19, 2009

Porntastrophe: The apparent dangers of Google Image search in the work place!

I was instructed, as a prerequisite to including this story on my blog, to preface that it happened to my STRAIGHT brother (we'll call him Mr. X) and promised to change the names and locations to protect the, um, innocent (?)

I was getting ready to leave work yesterday and stopped by to wish a good weekend to some of my friends.  As usual, one started talking rugby with me, but this time rugby league instead rugby union.  He was talking about one of the players that they showed in a show on Thursday; the man had huge legs and Hulk Hogan, a guest on the show, when asked about how big this players thighs were commented "yeah, they're almost as big as my arms."

So my friend was asking me who this player was.  I rattled off a few names, and when we had decided that it wasn't an islander (which seemed most likely to me) but a white guy, I thought of a Brisbane Broncos player but I couldn't remember his name.  My friend didn't think it was him, he thought it was a player from another team, teams that were not even playing.  He eventually decided to look up the player I was suggesting might be the right one.

Off to the Brisbane Broncos web site's Team page.  I quickly spotted the player, David Taylor.  A click on his head shot brings up his profile - with the same head shot.  Not much to help confirm it was him (except that at 115Kg he is a slab of meat).  My friend then goes off to Google the player and switches over to Google Images.

The first thing I see is what looks to be a sumo wrestler, I quickly scan to the left only to find that there are more penises on offer than you would probably find at Sydney's Gay & Lesbian Mardis Gras (Warning: NSFW).  David Taylor is a gay porn star.  My friend quickly closes the browser only to find that our manager had just been walking behind us and also saw.  We're talking sackable offence.

I couldn't believe it.  I was stunned.  The bank that we work at filters and blocks so much content that we often find we are unable to get information we need to do our job.  Blogs, forums, ads (I don't mind that too much), Internet based email, YouTube, and a whole range of other things are blocked.  To the point that I bring my laptop in with a wireless modem so I can look at IT forums and blogs when I run into problems and need to see how other people have resolved them, or need to download some program or library.  But what the hell, so long as gay porn can get through there is still hope that one day I too can find what I am looking for without needing my laptop - but I guess I would have to get on my hands and knees and beg for it.  Maybe that's why around here they use the expression "heads down, bum up" for working hard.

Well, this is who and what my friend was talking about -


  1. Mr X says: it's all in Google's SafeSearch settings.

    Try it for yourself - do you have a porn star alter-ego?

  2. To understand a little about the differences between rugby league and rugby union you can visit the Wikipedia page or the Alternative Rugby Commentaryvideo. I would recommed tha latter.

    Of course you might want to know a little about rugby to begin with - and for that there is no better resource than the ARC's Ten Commandments video.

  3. ugh! nobody cares! the interest in the story is that you stumbled upon gay porn images at work! hahahaha!!!

  4. Watch the videos before relegating them to the sin bin - the Wikipedia reference was just to lend some small modicum of apparent respectability.

    Rugby scrummage t-shirt.