Thursday, September 17, 2009

Retro tune of the day: FYC "Johnny Come Home"

I remember the first time I signed up for Columbia House's music club from an ad in Rolling Stone mag in the mid eighties...I had never heard of Fine Young Cannibals, but the name intrigued me and was enough to warrant a spot on my order list.  Well, the order arrived (I don't have any clue what else I ordered) and I've been hooked on this album ever since!  Debuting in 1985 this song went to #8 on the UK charts but only hit # 76 on the US Hot 100

Although I love this song and the album that spawned it, I HATE, HATE, HATE their follow up "The Raw and the Cooked" with that god awful hit "Good Thing"...BLECH!  Trivia: Apparently Jenny Jones (yes, THAT Jenny Jones) sang backing vocals and played drums on this album!  More Trivia: Fine Young Cannibals appeared as the house band in a nightclub in the 1987 comedy film "Tin Men"


  1. Why he never fixed his teeth when in this band? I'm sure he made enough money to do it :-S

  2. yeah, i know...that's the first thing i would do with my advance....take note, snaggle tooth jewel!!